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Bay Management & Associates, Inc.



Our company is fully qualified in property values, local neighborhoods, and rental markets so we can advise you on the appropriate monthly rental fee for your property. We are experienced for every kind of investment property from town homes to multi-family buildings.


BMA takes professional pride in finding qualified tenants for your property.  We take the time to properly screen each applicant for your property.  We conduct background & criminal checks, current landlord verification, employment verification, and credit check.  We want to find a quality resident as much as you do!


We have a selection of appropriate legal forms including leases that can be tailored to your particular needs so as to protect both you and your property. We also are very familiar with intricacies of rent court.


Rents are collected by the fifth day of each month. Rental proceeds and late fees are paid on a predetermined date. In the event of late payments, collection practices are started promptly and evictions, should they be necessary, are handled in a timely manner to reduce the chances of difficult or costly situations.


Each month you will receive a detailed owner's statement. Then, at the end of the year, you will be provided with a comprehensive statement perfect for your tax records. You will always know where you stand regarding income and expenses.  You can log into your Owners Portal to see you current balances.


We have a list of reliable, reasonable and responsible contractors who can cover any repair or maintenance work needed. Should an emergency arise we provide 24 hour care.  We also allow you to use your own contractors if you prefer.

Addressing your property management needs and providing relieving from the obligation of day to day involvement is how we exceed our clients' expectations!


Please call our office at 410-838-0355 with any questions or inquiries concerning your property. We endeavour to provide excellance in the property management sector.


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